Cluster Server - Base Model

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The Kauricone Cluster Server Base Model provides 2 ARM Processor Boards which deliver incredible computing power, and scaleability

Each ARM A72/A53 processor provides 4GB of RAM, 6 cores, and 32GB of eMMC Storage

Compared with traditional cluster servers, it is characterised by low power consumption, high manageability, and great expandability in a 1U rack

The fully expanded Kauricone Cluster solution supports the simultaneous operation of 11 ARM A72/A53, 6 core processors, each providing 4GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC Storage, and a total of 66 cores in a single 1U rack

SAN connectivity provides the ability to expand storage on a large scale to cope with Big Data requirements

More advanced applications can be installed. Individual Processors can be configured with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to accelerate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Kubernetes and Openshift can be configured to provide Containerisation to add effiencies to hardware deployment

The is on top of the standard applications such as Edge Serving, Database, Email, File and Print, and Website Hosting 

With the rapid development of mobile internet applications and the expansion of cloud computing and Big Data, the Data Center has updated from the traditional mainframe and minicomputers to the Lower Power, HIgh Densitiy ARM based Cluster Server


Since people have a new need for the pattern of server workloads, more and more intelligent applications are deployed on small servers

Kauricone Cluster Servers can be used for Cloud Storage, Cloud Gaming, running Multiple Applications, running many Virtual Desktops, Video encoding and decoding, Containerisation, and Block Chain


More Information
Family CS/A72
Model CS/A72-2
Microprocessor 2 * ARM A Series A2-72/A53 ,64 Bit ,6 Cores ,1.8Ghz upto 2 Ghz
Onboard Disk 2 * High Speed Emmc 32 GB
RAID1 SSD Drives SATA3 3.5" Optional SAN Connectivity Options
Additional SSD DIsk Drives 2 * 1TB, 2TB, 5TB
USB 2.0 2
Type C 1
Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 4
Enclosure Metal
Power Consumption 300 Watts
Power Supply 100V AC- 240V AC
Rack Height 1U
Warranty Return to Base 3 Years
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