Edge/Cluster Server - EC/A72

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Included : Linux

Kubernetes/Open Shift




Operating Systems Preinstalled: Ubuntu 18.04, or CentOS 7, or RedHat (RHEL_Dev8), or openSUSE 15

Low Heat Generating and no cooling required

Reliable, Economical, and Fast SSD Drives

Small footprint

Edge/Cluster Server is an end point to your System

Using Kubernetes K3s, Kubernetes K8s, Openshift, or MicroK8s you can dynamically optimise your hardware to match the requirements of your application software

Typically you would use our Edge/Cluster Server as a front end for a custom written application

What is a Container?

Using containers, everything required to make a software program run is packaged into isoloated containers. Unlike VMs, containers do not bundle a full Operating System - only libraries and settings required to make the program run are needed. This makes for lightweight, efficient, self-contained systems, and guarantees that programs will always run the same, regardless of where they are deployed



More Information
Family AS/A72
Model EC/A72-4-128
Microprocessor ARM A Series A72/A53, 64Bit, 6 Cores, 1.8Ghz up to 2Ghz
Onboard Disk High Speed eMMC 128GB
RAID1 SSD Drives SATA3 3.5" 2 * 250GB
Additional SSD DIsk Drives 1TB, 2TB, 5TB
USB 2.0 4
USB 3.0 1
Type C 1
Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 1
Enclosure Clear Acrylic - 124L * 93W * 55D
Power Consumption 80 - 140 Watts
Power Supply DC12V-2A
Rack Height 2U, 8 Servers per Shelf
Warranty 5 Years - Return to Base
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